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Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats ... using color to infuse your life with energy, spirit and enthusiasm
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Kathy Cooper is a full-time floorcloth artist and author of two books The Complete Book of Floorcloths and The Weekend Crafter: Painting Floorcloths. Kathy  produces original hand-painted floorcloths and hand painted yoga mats.

Kathy Cooper is a nationally recognized artist, producing original hand-painted floorcloths and yoga mats in custom designs. She is the author of two best-selling books on floorcloths, The Complete Book of Floorcloths and The Weekend Crafter: Painting Floorcloths.

She presents workshops and lectures on floorcloth design. Her workshop is also available on video “Making Floorcloths with Kathy Cooper”. Kathy's work may also be seen at art shows around the country.

Kathy has been a frequent guest on television, appearing on Home Matters, Decorating with Style, Interior Motives and Paint, Paint, Paint. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers including Southern Accents, Home, House Beautiful, Metropolitan Home, Gourmet, Surface Design Journal, and Country Living, and the cover of Where:Atlanta.

About Kathy Cooper

Thirty years ago I found a piece of canvas in my studio and decided to paint a canvas rug for my kitchen. Inspired by a photo I had seen in a magazine, I painted my first floorcloth. I had no thought at that time about making an entire career out of that rug, but it led me on a journey. An antiques store in my town asked me to bring a sample in to see if it might sell. Later that week she called to report she had money for me and I was off to the closest art store to buy canvas, paint and gesso.

Still discovering my new art form, I made those materials into a selection of floorcloths with images inspired by farm animals and signed up for my first art show. It was 1980 and 'country' was just beginning. I was excited to show off my new work and invited my mother to come see it. Business opened with a flurry and I was nearly sold out before my mother arrived. During the activity a woman came into my booth and said "This is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm opening a store on Madison Avenue. Here's $1000. Paint anything you want."

That launched me into a full time life of floorcloths. I took out an ad in a new magazine called Country Living and started building an audience. My clients began to spread across the U.S. and with the exposure on Madison Avenue I developed a list of famous clients including Carrie Fisher, Christina Ferrari, Michael Keaton, Paul Newman, Henry Winkler and others! My work started showing up in all kinds of magazines and the publicity kept me painting and selling floorcloths.

After years of selling in NYC I took a painting break and wrote the first book on floorcloths. It was a little book that was just intended to document a subject that had previously been overlooked or mentioned in passing in rug books. The Complete Book of Floorcloths became the leading source for information on the painted rug. With a new book, an interesting subject and a knack for connecting to people I found myself making frequent appearances on national television programs.

Today my paintings have circled back to my beginnings. I am again painting animals but I am also able to incorporate thirty years of custom painting into the design process. Somewhere on this journey Kathy Cooper became branded with floorcloths. I became widely known for painted rugs and artists from all over the world began to contact me with their questions or stories.

My simple desire to make a kitchen rug in 1979 led to a lifetime devoted to keeping floor art relevant through painting, writing, and teaching. My designs are unique. What started as an effort to make rugs led me to become a painter for the floor. I am known for my whimsical, happy, colorful style and my customers have become loyal followers of my artwork. I love color and I use color to infuse life with energy, spirit and enthusiasm!

Recently I have been working on bringing a printed version of my work to a broader audience. I always loved using words in my paintings and now I have added a new line of positive value messages. Through this new work I became interested in developing a line of yoga mats. I have been practicing yoga for several years to keep my body flexible after I paint all day. The names of the poses were intriguing to me and I became inspired to paint the poses using the names as part of the design. Everyone has a favorite yoga pose and I have many more to paint but I am very excited to introduce the first four in the series.

Each mat is printed with non toxic green inks. These yoga mats are deluxe extra thick 1/4" (6.2 mm), weighs 3.6 pounds, 24"x 74" in length and are extremely durable, latex and heavy metal free. To clean simply run through the gentle cycle of a front load washing machine. Remove and allow to air dry.

Enjoy your new yoga mat and stay tuned for more designs!