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Everyone has a favorite yoga pose and I have many more to paint, but I am very excited to introduce the first five in the Kathy Cooper Art Yoga Mat series: Cat Pose, Crocodile Pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, Pigeon Pose, Cow Pose, and Tree Pose. Get your own new art yoga mat and stay tuned for more designs! Each art yoga mat is printed with non toxic green inks and is latex and heavy metal free. They are extremely durable and easy to clean ... simply run through the gentle cycle of a front load washing machine. Remove and allow to air dry. Kathy Cooper Art Yoga Mats are deluxe extra thick 1/4" (6.2 mm). They weigh 3.6 pounds and are 24"x 74".

$130 each with free shipping! Click each Kathy Cooper Art Yoga Mat for more details and to order.


Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Horse Pose Design


Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Cat Pose Design


Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Crocodile Pose Design

Downward Facing Dog

Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Downward Facing Dog Pose Design


Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Pigeon Pose Design


Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Tree Pose Design


Kathy Cooper Yoga Mats Cow Pose Design